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Casino Venice

Venice Casino offers you a cozy atmosphere in the city center , a variety of slot machines with the latest super games, blackjack lovers of live and electronic roulette game , with the possibility of the highest bet offered so far in Bulgaria .
The casino gives to its customers , except a good mood and a bonus game every Saturday at 20h, opportunity to participate in a large max bet promotion in which jackpots are paid two and coupons bonus games are written by 3.
Become our clients because of your game you have the chance to leave at any time with one or more levels of jackpot – bronze, silver and gold drop random slot machine in the hall.
We offer a loyalty card with which you will feel special , taking advantage of the accompanying bonuses.
Get your card and feel the breeze of the Venetian mood of the profits. In turn, our commitment is to constantly care for your unforgettable experience with courteous and competent staff and free consumption of beverages and catering.
For fans of the sport has a special area where they can share their emotions with friends in luxurious surroundings with satellite TV and Internet. Our bookies offers the ability to track both a game and bet live for it, and that you will be paid the profit immediately , regardless of the value of her

SO MANY TEMPTATIONS , gathered in one place – CASINO VENIS !