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Aurimetria LTD-Sofia,Beauty and Health
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Aurimetria LTD - Sofia


Herbal Cosmetics

Our company Aurimetria 18 years produces natural healing prophylactic cosmetics and food supplements developed in our own laboratory, based on organic medicinal herbs from the mountains of Bulgaria and some of the most commonly used herbs in the world.

Natural herbal products

Aurimetriya products intended for the treatment of facial skin and the body as well as for prophylaxis and treatment of various diseases. Their main advantage is that it does not contain hormones , antibiotics , synthetic colorings and flavors .

Herbal cosmetics is one strand being created products whose primary focus is not only on beauty but also on therapeutic effect of the impact of herbal substances:

  • face and body – balms , creams , lotions and massage oils;
  • to strengthen the hair – conditioner, body lotion and nourishing oil;
  • series in ampoules.

Dietary supplements are made from herbal extracts produced by advanced technology – freeze-dried extracts to produce capsules and ethanol extracts of medicinal plants in combination with bee products (honey , propolis , bee prashtets ) . Valuable herbs and natural oils in specific combinations reflect in a natural way , quickly and intensively.


food supplements

natural balms

natural creams

natural lotions and natural massage oils